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god bless the rednecks
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a six fucking liter vee eight
Obligatory, "got something to say?" post. Contact info is here.

List of notable entries and such on Tallahassee's journal.


Permissions Meme

Permissions Meme
is it better to be smart or lucky

Eyes: blue
Hair: blondish

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure! As usual, just let me know first, especially for spit/step/etc.... Tallahasse does not put up with that shit, and is likely to hit you or point a gun at you, so I just want everyone involved to be informed.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: ...........................go for it, but. It's Tallahassee. He is not a touchy feely guy, for the most part, and if there isn't something very sad or very happy going on, he will look at you like you're insane and firmly extricate himself from the contact. And I have no idea why anyone would be kissing him. XD

Maim/Murder/Death: N-no murder/death please. Maiming is cool!

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Pretty much anything! Just keep in mind that if you're going to open your heart to Tallahassee, he... will probably only insult you for it. But he doesn't have any real trauma buttons or things to avoid in conversation.

Notes for the Psychics: Normal human male.

Notes for Magic Users: Normal human male.

Physical traits: Solid, well muscled guy, about 5'10".

Abilities:...............zombie killin'. HE IS VERY CREATIVE AT IT. Tallahassee is also practically a stunt driver, an excellent shot with guns, and a terrible, terrible, terrible dancer. Like really terrible. Hopefully I will get the chance to use that in camp.

Secrets: If he tells you about his puppy? It ain't a puppy. [spoilers] It was his son, Buck, who was either killed and eaten by zombies or became one. We don't get details, but he had an adorable young boy and now he does not. [/spoilers]

Obligatory App Post!
taken hostage by a 12 year old
Tallahassee's voting post is here, in with 91.4%.

Character: Tallahassee
Series: Zombieland
Job: Twinkie Wrangler Zombie Eradication Expert
Character Age: late 30s?

Canon: WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF ZOMBIELAND! Home of ... uh ... well ... zombies! And you! Now before you start freaking out, we've got a few rules for survival to cover. 1) Double tap. It may look dead, but hey, it always looks dead, so KILL IT AGAIN. 2) Beware of bathrooms. Zombies are as lazy as any American, so they just love chomping on the helpless. And you're pretty helpless while taking the browns to the superbowl. 3) Do not fuck with Tallahassee.

That third rule there is the one we're going to focus on for a moment: Tallahassee is one badass mother fucker. Violent, creative, and ruthless, Tallahassee is completely obsessed with zombie killing -- and finding a god damn Twinkie. Those are his missions in life, but he's got a few rules of his own. He doesn't do names, he doesn't take bullshit, and he doesn't dwell on the past. Having lost his family to the zombie apocalypse, Tallahassee lives without fear and without attachment, since he knows he has nothing to lose. He's a lone wolf, a solitary avenger. Until, of course, he winds up on a cross-country road trip with two twenty-somethings and a preteen girl. Oh, his life. And while by the end of the movie he's still calling them bitches and spitfucks, you can tell he's grown to care for that crazy band of zombie fighters. Despite their constant antics, Tallahassee never fails to be the one who establishes the tone of a scene, and to influence the mood with his vibrant personality. ... And often, his gun. :)b

Sample App: Good morning, folks, and welcome to Tallahassee's Zombie Eradication Course. Before we get down to business, you all need to pass what I call the 'but Tallahassee, I'm not a zombie!' test. Just follow these commands and no one gets shot. Touch your nose. Stick out your tongue. Spin around, jump up and down, and sing Mary had a little lamb -- okay, now I'm just messing with ya. I believe you're not a zombie... so long as you flap your arms and try to fly! Bark like a dog! Flap faster, little fella, aim for the sky!

Heh heh. You're a sucker, ain't ya? That's alright, you just stick with Tallahassee here and you'll learn the ropes. We'll start nice and slow, with some basic survival techniques.

First. Cock that gun! Hell, walk around cocked like your baby maker ready to blow, because it takes an extra second you might not have... that is, of course, if you have a proper holster for your weapon. 'Cuz while we're on the subject of schlongs, I'm sure you want to keep yours. Pardon the French, ladies. It's just that I heard this one story about this sorry ass fuck who, and I shit you not, shoved his pistol in his waistband, and it was all fine and dandy until a zombie showed up and he shot a hole right through the crotch of his jeans trying to get it out. Guess where that zombie bit? It don't get much sadder than that.

After that... lessee. Swing that car door! Don't underestimate your getaway vehicle, it's also one of your best weapons. So, you better open that door right quick, like you're cracking that zombie's head. Or nuts. I'm not pick---what do you mean, you don't have a car? Well then, you're screwed if there's a horde, spitfuck. Moving on. Stockpile your weapons! And pretty much anything can be a weapon. Baseball bats, banjos, tennis shoes -- okay, I'm messing with you again. For beginners like you fellas, I'd stick with the baseball bats. Not the most long range of weapons, but zombies are spry motherfuckers. They might get too close for you to use a gun, so unless you like brains splattered all over your face I'd go with a good ol'fashioned bludgeoning.

Alrighty, I'm done. If you follow these rules, then you're golden, now ain't ya? Golden like delicious... cream-filled... sponge cake... man, I could really use a Twinkie. I was promised compensation for this shit, in the form of delicately baked sugary snack cakes, so hop fucking to it already--banned? Sugar is what?! Excuse me, I couldn't hear you. Putting too many holes into zombie motherfuckers, so come again, about this no sugar bullshit?

Okay, you lying spitfucks. I have one more rule for you. Don't ever come between a man and his Twinkie.

You get a .5 second head start.


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